Radio Promo –
Faith and Freedom Conference – September 28, 2019

We believe that this conference will be unlike any other of our time because it intentionally utilizes biblical unity to create both an anointing  (Ps 133) and synergy among God’s chosen people. 

This conference is a purposely scripted and coordinated event utilizing individuals who love America and have been prophetically called by our LORD to see to its restoration. Even the Order of Speakers is greatly choreographed. All the speakers have been selected because of their prophetic insight, familiarity with a particular subject or have a thorough understanding of the principles of Americanism. Even the order in which the speakers will be slated is intended to build throughout the conference and then end in a powerful crescendo. [See Is 28:9-10]. The event will end in a commissioning service in which God’s children are prepared and equipped to go into the world with the courage, power, and authority to drive out the darkness in our land.   

1. The first set of speakers will be Educational in nature. (What America’s underlying problem?)  

2. The second set of speakers will be Inspirational in nature. (What is the biblical solution?)  

3. The third set of speakers will be Motivational in nature. (Go Therefore into all the World.)