Time: 9AM-4PM

Order of Speakers


Dr. Mike Spaulding  – Moderator (Website)


John Diamond – Speaking on the gospel of Christ and its relationship to the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Title: “And the Government will be upon His Shoulders.” (Is 9:6, Is 33:22.) (Website #1, #2, #3) (Video)


William Federer – Speaking on An Overview of 6,000 Years of History & Why America Is Unique. Title: “Who Is the King in America? and Who Are the Counselors to the King? (Website) (Article)    


Matt Trewhella – Speaking on Interposition and the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate from a Revolutionary War Perspective. (Website) (Video)   Title: “The Interposition of the Founding Fathers.”


Dran Reese – Speaking on The Importance of Biblical Citizenship. Title: “You are the Salt and the Light.”  (Website) (Video)



 Dan Fisher – Former Republican member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives – Speaking on the Black Robed Regiment. (Website) (Video #1) (Video#2)     Title: “Bringing back the Black Robed Regiment.”


Rusty Thomas – Speaking on the Religious, Social, Moral and Political Duty of the Church. (Website) (Video)    Title: “We are Christ’s Ekklesia.” (Matt 5:13, Matt 16:18-19).


Bradlee Dean – Speaking on Secular Humanism in the Public Schools. (Website) (Video)     “The Heathen are Stealing our Children” (Gen 14:8-16, 1 Sam 30:1-3)


Coach Dave Daubenmire – Equipping the saints to go into the world with the power and authority. (Website) (Video)    Titled “Overcoming Fear.” (Romans 12:1, Rev 21:8)