As a leader of the modern “Black Robed Regiment,” Dan is committed to telling the amazing story of the patriot preachers of the 18th century who preached the “whole counsel of God” from their pulpits, reminding believers that they had an obligation to actively engage their culture and their government.

The commitment of these preachers was so strong that when all peaceful options to avoid conflict with Great Britain had been exhausted, these preachers in black robes led the men of their congregations and communities off to fight for liberty and truth on the battlefields of our War of Independence.

Believing that without the leadership of these “patriot preachers” there would have never been the America we know today, Dan travels the country retelling their story through a stirring, one-man Broadway-style presentation. Using period costuming, actual, identified relics from the War of Independence, and a full multi- media presentation, Dan brings the story of the amazing Black Robed Regiment to life. His message is clear: “If today’s American pulpit does not re-engage in the culture war as our patriot preacher ancestors did, we are going to lose our liberties and the Gospel could very well be driven under ground – even in America!”

Dan has been preaching since he was 16 and has been serving as a full-time pastor since 1981. While pastoring the 1000-member Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, OK, Dan also served in the OK State House and in 2018 ran for governor of OK on the platform of state sovereignty and the abolition of abortion; receiving some 36,000 votes in the Republican primary.

Dan presently serves as the co- pastor of the Fairview/Liberty Baptist Church of Edmond, OK. Dan is the author of the heavily documented and widely acclaimed book, Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment. He also produced the 90-minute docudrama by the same title that is available in regular DVD format or Blu Ray.

Dan has been married to his wife, Pam, for 37 years and they have two adult children and 4 grandchildren. Dan is available for speaking events and can be reached at:,, or 405-650-2250.