Dran Reese as founder and president of Salt &Light Council (SLC) whose focus is on nationwide training that equips churches to start Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries.  SLC provides a strategic implementation program for activating the Church to become a positive influence and witness for our Christian values in government, media and education. With churches activated in 23 states, SLC supplies a turn-key, sustainable ministry with legal and on-going support.

Besides extensive travel and running the ministry, Dran hosts a daily, national prayer call, online biblical worldview class, and maintains several websites. 

Dran is married with three children and one grandchild. She enjoys water skiing, Bible study, and community leadership activities. She received a scholarship to USC for Business/Marketing, attended UCSD in Web Development, and finished the eight-year Bible Study Fellowship course. 

Dran’s passion for marketing and business development continues today. It comes second only to her love for God and family, and her desire to leave a strengthened and renewed Christian America to the next generation